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The name of the wood species is Amazakue (other names are ovangkol, shedua, botanical - Guibourtia ehie.). Amazakue grows mainly in countries such as Ghana, the Ivory Coast, as well as southern Nigeria and Gabon.
Colour: The kernel has a color from yellow-brown to a pleasant chocolate shade, with dark, sometimes black stripes. Externally, wood A mazaku resembles "Queensland walnut". The fibers of the tree are tangled and wavy, the texture itself is medium-large. The dry density of this rock is about 850 kg/m³.
Recommended for everyday use, furniture, carpentry, decorative elements of musical instruments, boxes, etc. Ideal for making knife handles and hand tools.

Breed name - Amazakue
Botan. / Latin. the name is Guibourtia ehie.
Growing region - West Africa
Its dry density is about 850 kg/m³


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Guibourtia ehie.
Growing region
West Africa
Its dry density
about 850 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х50х28 mm
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