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The leveling ring is one of the inexpensive, but at the same time very important elements of a manual sharpening machine such as "Apex" or "Efim's sharpener". Despite the fact that many sharpeners do not have this accessory “out of the box” from the start (including the Kosim sharpener), it is extremely difficult to do without it when sharpening, especially if your sharpening set consists of bars that differ in size. In this case, the leveling ring from the Kosim sharpener is presented, which is one of the most inexpensive in its class, and fits most of the existing grinders. The principle of using a leveling ring is quite simple. The distance between the leveling ring and the swivel block must always be equal to the thickness of the abrasive stone you are working with. In this case, the leveling ring serves as a reference point and does not move during the sharpening process, it is installed only once - at the beginning of sharpening. When moving from bar to bar, only the position of the hinge assembly changes (by the thickness of the bar measured from the leveling ring), so the sharpening angle always remains constant, regardless of the variety of bar thicknesses you use.

The use of a leveling ring allows you to avoid the need to paint over the supply with a marker every time you go from stone to stone or use a goniometer to correct the sharpening angle.

The leveling ring is designed for a vertical guide diameter of 8mm. The dimension of the leveling ring is 20mm - outer diameter and 8mm - height, i.e. the ring has a large enough plane of support for the convenience of accurately reading the thickness of the bar and sufficient thickness to minimize backlash. The ring is made of aluminum alloy. The fixing screw has a large plastic head with tactile notches for easy secure fixation of the ring.

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