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A restrictive (retaining) ring or stopper is designed to set the limits of movement of a horizontal guide with an abrasive bar holder. Such a limitation serves to exclude the possibility of the stone jumping off the blade or hitting the cutting edge (RC) with the jaws of the holder during sharpening. This may spoil the work done by leaving a notch or jam on the PK or lead to injury (cut) to the hand. On the other hand, of course, it is necessary to ensure the maximum allowable stroke and use of the entire surface of the stone during sharpening.
The proposed stoppers are recommended for use in the Hapstone K1, M2, R1, V6 and V7 sharpening machines, which have a guide diameter that moves in the hinge assembly equal to 6 mm. New to traditional restrictor rings is the presence of a spring that cushions the possible impact on the hinge block. The length of the stopper together with the decompressed spring is 24mm, with the compressed spring - 18mm. These dimensions must be taken into account when assessing the possibility of installing such a restrictive ring on a particular type of sharpener, so that the size of the stopper does not reduce the efficiency of using the entire length of the grinding stone.


Country of origin
Steel/ aluminum
Dimensions (edit)
Cardboard box
Option for sharpening
12 g.
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