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The DUAL CLEANER Ceramic Hand Cleaner # 400 from Suehiro is designed for use with the Dual Stone and Gokumyo series. It is used for cleaning the working surface of abrasive stones, for easy editing of the geometry of the stone, removal of metal chips from the intergranular space (loading) and restoring the performance of water stones. This stone is versatile, has an abrasive capacity equivalent to 400 grit, is designed to work with Gokumyo water stones of any grit (10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 grit) and is supplied with Suehiro Gokumyo full size stones. For ease of use, the cleaning stone is equipped with a plastic handle, as which the abrasive bar itself is glued. Suehiro's DUAL CLEANER Ceramic Hand Cleaner # 400 Water Stone Cleaner can be used for similar tasks, as well as stones from other manufacturers.

The dimensions of the abrasive bar are 99x24x9mm.
Name Suehiro
Country of origin Japan
Model CEM400CL
Manufacturer Suehiro Co.,Ltd
Purpose of DUAL CLEANER Ceramic Hand Cleaner # 400
Grit 400 grit
Stone dimensions 102x40x27mm
Recommended coolants clean, cold water
Weight 70 gr.

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