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Over time, the whetstone wears off and the flat surface becomes uneven, concave, which makes it very difficult to sharpen the blade correctly. In order for the water whetstone to perform its main function correctly, it is necessary to bring its surface to its original state. Special bars with a relief surface will help you with this - Suehiro C#100 (100 grit) and WA#300, (300 grit). The special ribbed surface of the stone allows you to effectively and quickly level deformed and worn-out whetstones.

All you have to do is soak the item in water for a few minutes and then gently work it on your whetstone. After that, it must be thoroughly rinsed with water to get rid of particles of a coarser abrasive and you can start using it. To speed up work, silicon carbide powder can be applied to the surface of the stone to be leveled.

Grinding stones need to be sharpened regularly. Otherwise, the cutting edge of the knife that you sharpen on deformed devices may go to the side, the working surface will be very curved and you will have to use a rough stone to adjust the blade.

The dressing stones are made from natural abrasives with extra coarse grit, which are not subject to rapid wear. Their relief surface is obtained by applying special cuts at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the longitudinal axis.
Name Suehiro
Country of origin Japan
Manufacturer Suehiro Co.,Ltd
Model C#100/WA#300
Grit 100/300 grit
Dimensions 206x53x27 mm
Weight 550 gr.

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