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Elbor plate on a metal bond, 200x70x3 mm

An exclusive offer from the plant "Poltava diamond tool" - an abrasive plate on a copper-tin bond completely filled with elbor grain throughout its entire volume.

The plate has an ideal geometry and dimensions of the working surface (200x70x3mm) - close to the typical dimensions of Japanese water stones. This product is especially interesting for peeling and starting grinding operations, where the abrasive grain chipping strongly affects the change in the geometry of the grinding bars.

The geometric parameters of the elbor plate on a copper-tin bond remain unchanged throughout the entire cycle of its operation and it does not need to be trimmed periodically.

When working, you can use any coolant, both water-based and oil-based.

The Roks company offers you to buy an elbor bar on an organic binder in Kyiv at a low price. Size 150x25x5 mm. Pickup or delivery throughout Ukraine.

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