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Naniwa (Japan)
The Japanese company Naniwa was founded in Osaka in 1941. The main direction of its activity is the production of various means for sharpening cutting tools. Today, Naniwa has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of high quality classic water whetstones and is a recognized world leader in their production.

Japanese Naniwa stones are the highest quality abrasives that are produced using high-tech equipment and advanced methods. There are several series of Naniwa stones in total:

- Professional series of Naniwa Professional Stones or NANIWA CHOSERA stones for the Japanese market.
- A series of general purpose stones - Naniwa Sharpening Stones or Naniwa Super Stones for the Japanese market.
- A series of special purpose stones - Naniwa Specialty Stones.
- A series of traditional stones for sharpening Japanese knives and tools - Naniwa Traditional Stones.
- A series of Naniwa Economical stones.
- A series of combined stones - Naniwa Combination Stones.

In addition to premium artificial abrasives, the company produces various profile accessories - holders and supports for stones, bars and plates for dressing grinding cameos, etc.

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