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Carnauba wax is the hardest and most refractory wax (melting point about +90 °C) of plant and animal waxes. This is its most important distinguishing feature. In addition, it is chemically stable, insoluble in water and poorly soluble in organic solvents. Carnauba wax is absolutely non-toxic, therefore it is widely used to create glossy coatings in the processing of leather and wood (including cutting boards for cutting food), cosmetics, the automotive industry, food (sweets, apples that look like polished - the additive is labeled E903) and much more.
Carnauba wax is a substance that is obtained from the leaves of the palm tree. It is often referred to as carnauba or palm sap. Carnauba is obtained from the foliage of the Copernicia prunifera palm, which grows in Brazil. The tree reaches 10 m, and its leaves - 1.5-2 m. Under natural conditions, this plant wax appears on the surface of palm leaves and protects the plant from moisture loss in hot weather.
This substance contains many components. Carnauba wax contains aliphatic esters, diesters, various acids, fatty alcohols, phytosterols and resins. All these components allow carnauba wax to have a virtually unlimited shelf life.
When applied to the handles of knives made of wood or other materials, carnauba wax perfectly shows the structure, induces a perfect gloss and protects the handle material from harmful environmental factors. Carnauba wax is tactilely very comfortable, does not stick and does not change properties during operation and heating in the sun or in the hand. All this makes carnauba wax an ideal material for finishing handles. Carnauba wax can be applied using a muslin circle (yellow followed by a fine finish on white). If necessary, get carnauba wax in liquid form, it is drowned in a water bath.

Country of origin: Brazil
Country of manufacture: Italy
Size: 140x55x35mm
Weight - 275 grams

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