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Idahone Inc. is a company founded in Colorado in 1973 that produces some of the highest quality whetstones and ceramic abrasive whetstones for sharpening. One of the most common products of this company is a sharpening triangular system, which includes three types of ceramic rods - Coarse, Medium and Fine, with which you can perform all the necessary operations for sharpening knives from peeling to finishing. Our company offers aluminoceramic rods themselves, which you can use both in sharpening triangular systems, choosing the angle you need for sharpening, and in a number of other applications. This can be: straightening, sharpening, deburring and deburring the inside of the profile edged technological knives, sharpening and straightening medical instruments (in particular, dental curettes and scalers, you can simply use these rods as a regular musat, etc. The performance of Idahone alumino-ceramic rods goes far beyond the applications of conventional musat.
The main task of musat is to straighten and restore the cutting properties of the knife by eliminating jams and other light damages, therefore, in its usual form, musat has a rather fine-grained structure of the working surface. Idahone ceramic rods, unlike classic musat, have different abrasive ability and the Coarse grit rod allows you to remove a sufficiently large amount of metal, which allows you to perform operations such as changing the sharpening angle or minor repair of the RC, in case of chips or notches. The Idahone Medium ceramic rod has a finer grain structure and it is designed to remove the risks created by the Coarse rod on the supply. The Idahone Fine rod already has an absolutely smooth surface, comparable in roughness to Spiderco's Ultra Fine ceramics, and is designed for finishing operations.

All rods have an ideal geometry, without differences in thickness along the rod and distortions. Idahone ceramic rods have been tested in US dental clinics, where they have been used to sharpen Gracie curettes, replacing the traditional Arkansas natural stone rods used in this case. Idahone ceramic rods showed excellent results. Working on Arkansas and on Idahone alumino-ceramics actually did not differ in any way either in the laboriousness of the process or in the resulting quality of sharpening.


Country of origin
Ultra Fine (1200) grit
Alumina ceramics
Rod length
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Ceramic rod
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