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Single row ceramic ball bearing 6x9.9x1.2mm for the axial assembly of folding knives. Ceramic bearings are one of the most modern and advanced devices for the implementation of moving parts in folding knives. The main material for the balls of such bearings is silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic. This ceramic, along with high hardness and wear resistance, has exceptional impact strength and rigidity. All this makes silicon nitride ceramic an ideal material for bearings. Polished ceramic is visually a black, shiny material. In total, the bearing contains one row of ten balls enclosed in a cage made of synthetic polymer material.
The advantages of ceramic bearings are:
- corrosion resistance, absolute inertness to aggressive environments;
- low weight of the structure (ceramics is 40% lighter than steel);
- ceramics dissipates heat much better than steel;
- high hardness of ceramics (up to 75 HRC), while steel balls in bearings have a hardness, as a rule, of about 60 HRC;
- Ceramics have a higher modulus of elasticity than steel. This means that under load and rotation, the balls will deform less.
Ceramic bearings require a high hardness index of the knife dies in which they move, so that the bearing balls do not produce blade metal during operation. When bearings are used with high hardness steels, on the contrary, the metal region is strengthened at the point of contact with ceramics as a result of steel plastic deformation and changes in its structure and phase composition (working). To lubricate ceramic bearings, it is better to use a special Teflon-based grease to avoid contamination of the moving knife assembly.
The kit includes 2 bearings.

Type: ball
Balls Material: Ceramic
Clip material: PTFE
Outer Diameter: 9.9mm
Inner Diameter: 6mm
Bearing thickness: 1.2mm
Packing list: 2 pieces of bearing

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