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ECOSAR 41-55 KW is a water-dispersion adhesive based on natural and synthetic latexes. It is recommended for gluing products made of natural and artificial leather (for rubber, pvc, wood) in the leather industry.
To bond two leather surfaces, apply ECOSAR 41-55 KW glue to them, let them dry for 5-10 minutes and then squeeze them tightly. The recommended temperature for gluing materials is room temperature (not lower than 18 degrees Celsius). The optimum relative air humidity in this case is up to 75%, the humidity of the parts to be glued is up to 10%. It is necessary to avoid cooling the glue below the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, do not freeze. ECOSAR 41-55 KW must be shaken or mixed before use.

Country of origin - Italy
White color
Viscosity at 20 degrees Celsius - 160-300 cps (G2 - V20)
Density - 0.95 grams / cm3.
Acidity (pH) - 8-9
Volume - 100 ml

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