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The production and sale of Finnish handmade puukko knives, now called Lauri, was organized by the jeweler Johannes Lauri in Rovaniemi (Finland) almost 90 years ago, having founded a knife factory in Pohjolankatu back in 1924. Having survived the difficult years of the Second World War, the company founded by Johannes Lauri continued to exist and, in the course of a series of transformations, was transformed into the company Lauri tuotteet Oy, which is still engaged in the production of blades, knives and related materials.

Blade Lauri 95 SS for making a knife has the following parameters:
Blade length - 95mm
Blade width - 20mm
Blade thickness - 3mm
Shank length - 115mm
The total length of the workpiece - 212mm
Blade shank width - 13mm
Descent angle - 8 degrees per side
Approach angle - 25 degrees per side

The descent on the blade is implemented with a call to the shank, without a horizontal heel and rikkaso. The material of the blade blank is non-corrosion-resistant rolling martensitic steel X50CrMoV15 with molybdenum and vanadium alloying additions. Composition: 0.45-0.55% carbon (C), 14-15% chromium (Cr), 0.5-0.8% molybdenum (Mo), 0.1-0.2% vanadium (V), 1.0% magnesium (Mn) and 0.5-1.0 silicon (Si).
Explanation of the abbreviation marking X50CrMoV15:
The designation X tells us that the steel has alloying elements that provide unique properties such as corrosion resistance, hardness, strength, etc.
The number 50 indicates the percentage of carbon content, which actually makes iron - steel. The carbon content of the alloy is 0.50%, which, with adequate heat treatment, gives the metal fairly good strength and hardness.
The symbol of the chemical element Cr (chromium) in the designation of the steel grade indicates the presence of this metal in the alloy. Chromium performs several functions at once - it affects the ability of steel to harden and improves the structure of steel, gives the alloy anti-corrosion properties, and increases its wear resistance.
Mo - molybdenum, the presence of which in the ligature prevents the fragility of the blade, increasing its rigidity, making the steel more resistant to high temperatures.
V - vanadium, a very important alloying element for steels, the admixture of which, even in small quantities, significantly improves the mechanical properties of steel and enhances the effect of other alloying elements, in particular chromium.
In addition, silicon and magnesium are present in X50CrMoV15 steel, which gives this brand a significant advantage in terms of characteristics over its “classmates”.
The number 15 tells us about the total amount of carbon and alloying additions in the alloy - 15%.
With a relatively low cost of blades made of X50CrMoV15 steel, knives made of it have unique properties and are the best choice for both professionals and home use, due to the high hardness of the alloy, exceptional cutting power, long-lasting sharpness of the blade edge and special metal microstructure. Sufficient carbon content in the composition of X50CrMoV15 steel allows you to give the blade an optimal hardness - about 58 HRC. Knives made of such steel hold sharpening longer, do not change their color, are less susceptible to oxidation, are ideal for intensive use and retain their excellent appearance throughout their entire service life. Experts recognize that X50CrMoV15 steel is the optimal balance between strength and hardness for a knife.

Country of origin – Finland
Producer - Lauri tuotteet Oy
Name - Lauri 95 SS
Hardness - 58-59 HRC
Blade length - 95mm
Blade width - 20mm
Blade thickness - 3mm
Shank length - 115mm
The total length of the workpiece - 212mm
Blade shank width - 13mm
Descent angle - 8 degrees per side
Approach angle - 25 degrees per side
Weight - 46 grams


Country of origin
Lauri tuotteet Oy
58 HRC
Mount type
For flush-mounted installation
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
46 g.
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