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The famous brand of Finnish knives Polar, which has gained its popularity over the past decades, is the result of a long-term and fruitful cooperation between two Finnish companies - Lauri tuotteet Oy and Brisa Knives. Lauri - in this tandem - provides production facilities and, in fact, the process of direct production of knives, and Brisa - the development of layouts, design and their promotion on the market. Just like the classic Finnish Lauri knives, Polar meets all the standards of puukko style. However, Polar knives have added a ricasso and a small horizontal heel. In addition, Polar blades are finer ground, which greatly improves the overall impression of the brand's products. Most Polar models are available in both 80CrV2 carbon steel and X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. Carbon steel has higher strength characteristics and is more resistant to dulling, while stainless steel requires less maintenance. The design of Polar blades is made in a laconic Finnish style, in which the form corresponds to the principles of maximum simplicity and functionality. Polar blades are simple, reliable yet as elegant and ergonomic as the Puukko style knives they are designed for.

Blade Polar 85 for making a knife has the following parameters:
Blade length - 85mm
Blade width - 17mm
Blade thickness - 3.2mm
Shank length - 110mm
The total length of the workpiece - 195mm
Blade shank width - 10mm
Descent angle - 8 degrees per side
Approach angle - 25 degrees per side

The steel from which the blade is made is 80CrV2. The blade is hardened to a hardness of about 58-59 HRC, which implies good tolerance to low temperatures. Steel grade 80CrV2 - carbon, non-corrosion-resistant steel of German production. 80CrV2 steel composition: C (0.75-0.85%), Si (0.15-0.35%), Mn (0.3-0.5%), Cr (0.4-0.6% ), Mo (0.1%), Ni (0.4%), V (0.15-0.25). Steel 80CrV2 is considered to be very good in terms of strength characteristics, resistant to blunting, easy to machine. Mainly recommended for making powerful outdoor knives, it is also widely used as a component of Damascus steels.

Country of origin – Finland
Producer - Lauri tuotteet Oy
Name - Polar 85
Hardness - 58-59 HRC
Blade length - 85mm
Blade width - 17mm
Blade thickness - 3.2mm
Shank length - 100mm
The total length of the workpiece - 195mm
The thickness of the shank at the blade - 10mm
Descent angle - 8 degrees per side
Approach angle - 25 degrees per side
Weight - 40 grams


Country of origin
Lauri tuotteet Oy
58 HRC
Mount type
For flush-mounted installation
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
40 g.
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