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Gorgeous stylization of the Japanese Gyuto blade 180mm in laminate - the central layer of X6VF steel (foreign analogue - A2 steel) in 95X18 stainless steel facings. The central layer is hardened to a hardness of 61-62 HRC. Blade length 180mm, height - 43mm, butt thickness - 2.80mm, convergence - 0.15mm. The golomen has a forged texture, which prevents the cut products from sticking to the knife. The surface of the bare head is blackened under the Kurouchi coating, however, this is a decorative darkening that does not improve the anti-corrosion properties of the blade, since the facings are made of 95X18 stainless steel. The X6VF core steel (A2 steel) is not stainless, but unlike the steels on Japanese knives - Shirogami or Aogami, it is quite corrosion resistant, although it requires minimal knife maintenance. Steel X6VF has very high rates of aggressiveness of the cut and at the same time allows you to effectively maintain extremely small sharpening angles, up to zero even under heavy and prolonged loads.
The geometry of the knife matches the classic Gyuto blade configuration. To increase work comfort, the blade has an S-shaped heel line with a notch for the index (or middle finger, depending on the grip) and a beveled sharp corner at the bottom of the heel to reduce the likelihood of injury when working with a knife. The length of the knife shank is 80mm, the width is 12.5mm, the blade shoulders are 21.5mm wide. The shank has a 3mm hole that can be used for a decorative or fixing pin.
The combination of the use of modern materials and traditional manufacturing techniques of Japanese laminated blades has made it possible to achieve a very significant improvement in consumer qualities - corrosion resistance, blunt resistance and ease of use.
Laminate is made by master Andrey Datsko, blade is made by KnifeLab.

Country of origin - Ukraine
Type - Gyuto
Blade length - 180 mm
Blade height - 43 mm
Blade thickness - 2.8 mm
Total length with shank - 260 mm
Blade type - three-layer
Steel of the middle layer - Kh6VF (foreign analogue - A2 steel)
Middle layer hardness 61-62HRC
Shank length - 80mm
Design features - not sharpened
Weight - 110 g.


Country of origin
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Surface treatment
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
Kh6VF (foreign analogue - A2 steel)
110 g.
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