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Blade for making a Santoku knife

The word "Santoku" (Santoku) is translated as "three good things", more precisely "three benefactors", literally denoting three options for using this type of knife - cut, chop and crumble. Santoku is one of the most common and used types of Japanese kitchen knives, in fact, in its purpose - an analogue of our chef's knife. The blade length of a Santoku kitchen knife can range from 105mm to 180mm, with the most common blade being 165mm. This is a cooker with a specific blade configuration. The line of the cutting edge of Santoku is almost straight, with a slight rise to the tip. This allows you to cut products with great comfort, and also greatly simplifies the sharpening process. The wide shank of Sontoku eliminates the contact of the hand with the surface of the table, and also allows you to use the knife as an improvised spatula for applying chopped products. Santoku is very close in blade construction to Usuba or Nakiri, but unlike them, it still has a point. Santoku has a double-sided sharpening and a very thin blade (usually from 1.2 to 2.5 mm), which allows it to literally fall into the cut product. This knife adapts very well to all the main tasks of European cuisine and if you want to have only one Japanese knife, then the most functional choice would be the Santoku.

This presented copy of the blade for the manufacture of a knife is the smallest in size of all Santoku. Therefore, it cannot be categorized as a chef's knife, with which knives of this type are commonly associated. This is a good kitchen all-rounder that can do most of the operations in the kitchen. A very fine sharpening of less than 10 degrees with zeroing will not allow cutting, for example, frozen foods. But in case you need a razor-sharp knife (for tomatoes, sinewy beef, etc.), a knife from the presented blade is what you need.

The presented blade for making a Santoku kitchen knife has a double-sided sharpening. The length of its blade is 105mm, the height is 28mm, the thickness in the butt is 1.2mm, the total length with the shank is 140mm. The blade itself has a three-layer structure. The middle layer is working and is made of VG-1 stainless steel - the starting modification of the well-known brand VG-10, designed specifically for use in the knife industry. The middle layer is hardened to a hardness of 60HRC and provides an incredibly high knife sharpness and resistance to dulling. The blades are made of soft stainless steel, they keep the thin middle layer from breaking, and provide the blade with flexibility. The blade is sharpened and after packing in the handle - completely ready for use.
Country of origin Japan
Santoku type
Blade length 105 mm
Blade height 28 mm
Blade thickness 1.2 mm
Overall length 145 mm
Steel VG-1
Design features sharpened, nulling
Mounting Flush mounting


Country of origin
Flattening the knife
60 HRC
Mount type
For flush-mounted installation
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
30 g.
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