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Introducing the blade for the manufacture of the Japanese knife Black Nakiri Fukamizu from one of the most famous knife companies in southern Japan - Fukamizu Hamono. The blade of the knife is three-layer, with double-sided sharpening. The central, extremely thin and strong layer, hardened to a hardness of 61-62 HRC, is made of Blue Paper Steel (Aogami). The Black Nakiri Fukamizu's rectangular blade allows it to be used as a makeshift spatula to move chopped vegetables. The wide shank of the Black Nakiri Fukamizu allows you to easily adjust the thickness of the cut products safely resting on the blade with your knuckles, cut products with great comfort and eliminates the contact of the hand on the knife handle with the table surface.
The Black Nakiri Fukamizu blade is sharpened on a 600 grit stone. The BlackNakiri Fukamizu blade has a gradual narrowing of the blade thickness, characteristic of a Japanese knife, both from the butt to the cutting edge, and from the heel to the beginning of the knife. To reduce the influence of external influences on the rusting parts of the blade, the blade shank is treated with blackening. Also, the blade is treated with a waterproof varnish on top to eliminate the effect of corrosion during storage. During operation of the pine part of the blade, this varnish can not be removed; along the slopes in the region of the cutting edge, it can be removed mechanically during sharpening.

After each use, the finished Black Nakiri Fukamizu knife should be rinsed with water and wiped dry. It is better to store it on an open magnetic suspension. If you do not intend to use the knife for a long time, it is advisable to lubricate the rusting parts of the blade with oil. The Japanese use butt oil for this. You also need to take into account that the central layer of the blade is very thin and hard, and the sharpening angle is critically small. It is necessary to avoid strong shock loads on the cutting edge, contact of the knife with something very hard.

Country of origin Japan
Type BlackNakiri Fukamizu
Blade length 165 mm
Blade height 50 mm
Blade thickness 2 mm
Overall length with shank 245 mm
Blade type three-layer
Middle layer steel Blue Paper Steel (Aogami)
Middle layer hardness 61-62HRC
Shank length 80mm
Design Features sharpened on a stone 600 grit, nulling
Weight 150 grams.


Country of origin
Fukamizu Hamono
Flattening the knife
61 HRC
Mount type
For flush-mounted installation
Surface treatment
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
Blue Paper Steel (Aogami)
150 g.
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