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The KLOD START sharpener is the basic modification of the KLOD line of manual sharpeners with a simplified design of the rotary mechanism. Despite the simplicity of the design, this model is unique, combining the advantages of rotary mechanisms (one-time installation of the knife in the clamps with precise fixation of its positions) and the budget of "apexoid" formats. In addition, the clamping jaw of the sharpener can be installed vertically, which allows you to sharpen scissors, chisels, planer irons and other tools with a large sharpening angle.
One of the main parts of the KLOD START sharpener is definitely the clamping jaws. More precisely, this is a single clamp with a central slot, conditionally dividing it into two parts and two clamp nuts, which actually works like two independent clamps. The clamp is CNC-machined from high-strength duralumin wrought alloy used for highly loaded structures operating mainly under compressive stresses. Nuts made of bronze have conical bevels and are screwed flush into the clamps, which prevents the screw from jamming when the jaws are bent and significantly expands the range of butt thicknesses of clamped blades. At the ends of the jaws, there are sub-internals that allow you to more confidently fix blades with non-standard bare-bone configurations. The clamp is very precisely fixed on the base of the sharpener on two guides and is pressed with a screw, which eliminates installation inaccuracies or play. The maximum thickness of the butt clamped in the sharpener is 6mm, the minimum is 1mm. The width of the clamp is 60mm, at the end there is a narrowing to 50mm. This is quite enough to fix and sharpen blades up to 30 cm long. The angle of inclination of the clamp relative to the plane of the bed is 15 degrees.
The horizontal rod (diameter 8mm) of the KLOD START sharpener has a length of 56cm and an abrasive holder with a spring grip and holder jaws made of aluminum alloy with a mount that allows you to easily fix it like stones on a blank (with dovetail or 90 degree ends) ), and without forms up to 210mm long. The size of the depth of the jaws of the holder is 4mm, which allows you to comfortably work even with stones 5mm thick without a blank. In this case, the working surface of the stone goes beyond the plane of the jaws of the holder and there will be a risk of touching the cutting edge with the sponge when sharpening. On one of the jaws of the holder there is a platform for a goniometer.
The vertical rod (diameter 8mm) of the KLOD START sharpener has a length of 25cm, which makes it possible to implement sharpening angles in this type of sharpener from 8 to 47 degrees per side for knives and further up to 90 degrees per side for scissors, chisels, planer irons, etc. . with lateral fastening of clamping jaws.
The swivel assembly of the KLOD START sharpener is implemented on a 8mm swivel head, has a parking post and requires lubrication.
The frame of the KLOD START sharpener is made of ash wood and impregnated with oil, which reliably protects it from the adverse effects of moisture while working with water stones. There are rubberized feet on the bottom of the bed, which provide high stability of the machine even on wet, slippery surfaces.
Optionally, to improve the comfort of working with the KLOD START sharpener, you can additionally purchase travel stops for horizontal traction, as well as a leveling ring to compensate for different thicknesses of abrasive bars.


Country of origin
Grinding angle range
8 to 47 degrees
Bed material
Cardboard box
Sharpener weight
1.55 kg
with swivel mechanism
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