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Sharpener with rotary mechanism KosiM.

The sharpener is designed for sharpening kitchen, hunting, folding knives of various shapes and sizes.

Due to the precise and stable fixation of the knife in the clamps, as well as the ability to turn the knife over without removing it from the clamps, sharpening is quick, easy and does not require special user skills.
Technical characteristics of the KosiM sharpener with a rotary mechanism:
Vertical post height - 270mm
Frame width - 200 mm
Platform width - 60mm
The length of the horizontal guide - 650 mm
Recommended blade length of the knife to be sharpened - up to 350 mm
The maximum thickness of the butt of the sharpened blade is up to 6 mm
Maximum sharpening angle (per side) - 30 degrees
Minimum sharpening angle (per side) - 8 degrees
The length of the horizontal guide - 650mm
Width of the holder of an abrasive - 25 mm.
The recommended length of stones installed in the abrasive holder is from 100mm to 200mm.
Maximum distance between clamp centers - 170mm
Departure of sponges - 100 mm
Clip material - aluminum alloy 7075 6T
Diameter of horizontal and vertical guide - 8mm (calibrated)
Material of the horizontal and vertical guide - stainless non-magnetic steel
Permissible error when flipping along the axis - up to 0.40 degrees
All plastic parts of the sharpener - the stops of the abrasive holder, the goniometer platform and the hinge assembly are made of high-strength structural plastic used in the manufacture of bearings.
Optionally, the sharpener package includes: a parking stand, spring stoppers (travel limiters), a fine-tuning clutch, a bed and a hexagon screwdriver.

Country of origin - Ukraine
Producer - KOSIM
Type - with swivel mechanism
Sharpening angle range - 8-30 degrees per side
Sponge material - aluminum alloy 7075 6T
Bed material - steel
Packing - cardboard box
Sharpener weight - 1.4 kg


Country of origin
Grinding angle range
Bed material
Cardboard box
Sharpener weight
1.40 kg
with swivel mechanism
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