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BPS Knives
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Kitchen knife Slicer from the company BPS Knives - is designed for delicate cutting into neat thin slices (slices) of fish, meat or other products, it is immediately clear from its name. The design of the slicer knife is developed taking into account the functional features of the purpose, ie. slicing. All BPS Knives kitchen knives of the big size are obviously made on motives of the Japanese kitchen exotic. The BPS Knives Slicer knife is a projection of the Sashimi bocho cooker, and in fact differs from the Japanese prototype only by double-sided sharpening. It fits perfectly in the hand, the balance of the knife is shifted on the blade, which makes it easier to work with a long blade when cutting, ergonomic and thought out to the smallest detail.

A distinctive feature of the series of kitchen knives from BPS Knives is the increased thickness of the blade compared to standard kitchens. This does not impair the cutting properties of the knife, but adds convenience - the blade is very strong and does not bend under lateral loads, the butt can be painlessly rested if necessary. Combined with a rather massive handle, thick butt and 140 grams of BPS Knives Slicer - the knife is more adapted to the male hand. However, the BPS Knives Slicer knife is perfect for anyone who likes to feel the pleasant weight of a real blade in his hand.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the BPS Knives Slicer knife:

Total length - 320 mm;
Long blades - 210 mm;
Length of the handle - 115 mm;

Blade height - 29 mm;
Butt thickness - 2.5 mm;
Weight - 140 grams.

The BPS Knives Slicer blade is made of 50X14MF steel, which is widely used for expensive series of kitchen knives. It is a high-quality molybdenum-vanadium corrosion-resistant steel, made especially for the manufacture of cutting tools (including for use in medicine and the food industry). It is absolutely inert to the influence of environmental factors: moisture, acids, etc. . Steel 50X14MF belongs to the class of martensitic steels of the eutectoid type. The chemical composition of steel in addition to 0.42-0.56% carbon, up to 0.5% manganese and up to 1% silicon, as alloying elements include 13-15% chromium, 0.1-0.2% vanadium, 0, 5- 0.8% molybdenum. The general angle of sharpening on the main supply - 36 degrees. The blade is hardened to a hardness of 55 HRC (which is optimal for most kitchen applications). These cutting edge parameters allow the BPS Knives Slicer to keep sharpening perfectly even with very intensive use, and the BPS Knives Slicer is extremely easy to sharpen.

BPS Knives knives have a steel bolster to minimize mechanical loads on the handle where it meets the blade. The handle is made of walnut wood and covered with a special wear-resistant acrylic varnish. Natural wood is tactilely very pleasant and natural for the skin of the palm, the hand feels the warmth of wood, so the handles of BPS Knives are more comfortable to work with than analogues of various types of plastic. All knives from the BPS Knives company are made very soundly and reliably. They do not belong to the category of knives that are stored in a locker and are taken out once a month to wipe the blade with komlev oil. BPS Knives are designed for constant use as the main working tool in the kitchen.

All BPS Knives knives are sharpened and fully operational.


Country of origin
BPS Knives
55 HRC
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
Handle material
walnut wood
steel grade
140 g.
Reviews: 1
Швецов Борис
Не ожидал, что будет так удобно. Я и жена в восторге. А ножи вообще не то чтобы очень острые, но заточенные прилично. Можно резать и овощи, и мясо. Нож достаточно длинный, я бы даже сказал, что он очень длинный. Это огромный плюс. И еще он достаточно прочный. В общем, всем советую. Доставили мне его быстро, буквально через пару дней. Упаковка была целая, так что претензий нет. Цена вполне адекватная. Качество на высоте. Достоинства: Качественный, прочный, очень легко и быстро режет.
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