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A 46-layer forged Japanese Nakiri handmade knife of the Hammered Damascus Steel series, blade production by Yoshihiro Cutlery (Japan) is presented. Japanese kitchen knives Nakiri and Usuba, specific in their appearance, emphasize the exotic charm of the kitchen interior, and if you want a whole set of Japanese knives to settle in your kitchen, then you can’t do without the original Nakiri and Usuba knives. As a rule, knives of this configuration are bought second after the main one - Santoku, Gyuto or Petty, whoever chooses what for themselves.
Actually, Nakiri and Usuba are different knives and in Japanese cuisine they perform not only different tasks from each other, but are also used by different specialists. The heavier and wider Usuba in the butt, with one-sided sharpening is used mainly for decorating tasks in professional kitchens, and the Nakiri with a very thin blade and very long double-sided descents at an extremely low angle (sometimes up to 5 degrees) is used mainly in household for home use. The only thing that these two knives have in common is the rectangular blade and the fact that both of them are designed to work on vegetables. The rectangular blade of these knives allows it to be used as a makeshift spatula for moving chopped vegetables. The wide shank of Nakiri Yoshihiro allows you to easily adjust the thickness of the cut products safely resting on the blade with your knuckles, cut products with great comfort and eliminates the contact of the hand on the knife handle with the surface of the table.

The presented Nakiri Yoshihiro knife of the Hammered Damascus Steel series has a double-sided symmetrical sharpening, along descents 50/50. Its blade is 165mm long, 45mm high, and 2mm thick at the butt. The blade itself has a multi-layer (46 layers) structure with a central core made of Japanese VG-10 stainless steel, which has a hardness of more than 60 units on the Rockwell scale. The center layer is extremely tough, can be sharpened to extreme sharpness, and is able to maintain a sharp cutting edge for a long period of time. The blades are made of softer grades of stainless steel, they keep the thin middle layer from breaking, and provide the blade with flexibility. The blade is forged from 46-layer Damascus steel, has a very stylish look and at the same time is very functional. The structure of the blade is extremely effective in resisting the resistance of the cut product and preventing food from sticking to the edge of the blade. The blade is sharpened and ready to use.

Knives manufactured by Yoshihiro Cutlery need no introduction. This is a very famous and eminent manufacturer of Japanese kitchen knives, which has a 700-year history of the enterprise, with its own traditions, dynasties and ancient secrets of making a variety of cutting tools. For the past century, Yoshihiro Cutlery has focused on the production of kitchen knives. The company's assortment includes more than 600 different types of knives used in the kitchen, both by professional chefs and simple housewives. Yoshihiro Cutlery manufactures both single-edged and double-edged knives. Only high carbon steels are used, hardened to extremely high hardness values ​​such as Suminagashi Blue Steel, Suminagashi White Steel, Super Blue Steel, Kasumi White Steel, VG-1, VG-10. Those. Yoshihiro Cutlery knives vary widely in the properties of various steels, from pure carbon to chromium-containing stainless, depending on the area of ​​use, but always of exceptionally high quality.

Yoshihiro Cutlery consistently ranks at the top of the global kitchen knife rankings, generally outperforming even the most established cutting tool manufacturers such as Yaxell, Shun Cutlery, Tojiro, Miyabi and many more.

The Nakiri Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Steel is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen in Japan and we recommend this knife to both hobby chefs and seasoned professionals who truly appreciate the exceptionally high quality of Japanese craftsmanship and are obsessed with traditional Japanese knives. When sharpening this blade, you must avoid the use of low-quality abrasive whetstones, you should try to use only high-quality Japanese whetstones.

The package includes a Japanese Nakiri knife from the Hammered Damascus Steel series and Sai's wooden scabbard.


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