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Kitchen knife Osaka Paring Knife 3 CLAVELES is made based on the Japanese kitchen knife Petty. Petty, in fact, is a Universal kitchen knife that exists in completely different dimensional modifications from 70 to 150 mm. In this case, the length of the knife blade is 150 mm, which makes it a convenient tool for most operations in the kitchen. They can clean and cut vegetables, disassemble meat, cut ready-made products. It is thanks to these qualities that it is called universal. It lies perfectly in the hand, well balanced, ergonomic and thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, if you like medium-sized all-rounders, this is a great choice as the main knife in the kitchen, since it can perform most of the basic operations in cooking. Bolster Osaka Paring Knife 3 CLAVELES of the knife is stylized as classic Japanese, but made of stainless steel, it is quite massive, which improves the balance of the knife as a whole and gives the whole structure a pleasant heaviness (knife weight 130 grams) and increases comfort in work. The overall balance of the knife is shifted to the blade, which makes it easier to work when cutting.

A distinctive feature of the Osaka Knife 3 CLAVELES series of kitchen knives is the presence of a forged structure of the knife bark, the so-called “pear skin”. The forged bumps on the blades are the result of a technique that gives the blade its original look, making the surface of the blade look a bit unfinished and even rustic. But therein lies the charm of the appearance of this blade. However, in addition to the visual effect, such a surface, by creating air cushions on the skin, prevents cut products (for example, hard cheeses) from sticking to the surface of the knife.


The performance characteristics of the knife Osaka Paring Knife 3 CLAVELES:

Total length - 285 mm;
Blade length - 150 mm;
Handle length - 135 mm;

Blade height - 30 mm;
Butt thickness - 2.5 mm;
Weight - 130 grams.

The Osaka Paring Knife 3 CLAVELES blade is made of steel widely used for expensive series of kitchen knives - 5Cr15Mov. This is a high quality molybdenum vanadium stainless steel made specifically for food processing applications. It is absolutely inert to the effects of environmental factors: moisture, acids, etc. The composition of steel as the main ligature includes up to 0.55% carbon, up to 15% chromium, 0.2% vanadium, 0.8% molybdenum. In addition to these additives, manganese 0.50% and silicon up to 1% are also present. The general factory sharpening angle along the main supply is 34 degrees. The blade is hardened to 57+/-1 HRC (which is optimal for most kitchen applications). All these parameters allow the Osaka Paring Knife 3 CLAVELES to keep an excellent edge even with very intensive use, and at the same time this knife is extremely easy to sharpen.

Osaka Paring Knife 3 CLAVELES knives have a massive stainless steel bolster, stylized as forging, which minimizes mechanical stress on the handle at the junction with the blade. The handle is made of pomegranate wood and covered with a special wear-resistant acrylic lacquer. Natural wood is tactilely very pleasant and natural for the skin of the palm, the hand feels the warmth of the wood, so the handles of the Osaka Paring Knife 3 CLAVELES knives are more comfortable to use than analogues made from various types of plastic. All knives from the company 3 CLAVELES are made very soundly and reliably. They do not belong to the category of knives that are stored in a locker and taken out once a month to wipe the blade with butt oil. Knives 3 CLAVELES are designed for constant use as the main working tool in the kitchen.

All 3 CLAVELES knives are sharpened and ready to go. The blades of new knives are lubricated with oil, which must be removed with a household detergent before use.


Country of origin
57 HRC
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
Handle material
steel grade
Paring Knife
130 g.
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Черепанов Даниил
Покупкой доволен. Нож сделан добротно. Металлические части ножа сделаны из нержавейки. Сталь достаточно твердая, не ржавеет, не окисляется. Рукоять ножа сделана из дерева. Материал прочный и приятный на ощупь. Ножи из деревянной ручкой я не люблю, но этот нож мне понравился.
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