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Japanese wood carving knife Kiridashi Kogatana.

The Japanese universal forged knife for wood carving Kiridashi Kogatana has overall dimensions of 160x15mm and a thickness of 3mm. The word Kogatana refers to any cutting tool in the broad sense of the word, up to the sword, and Kiridashi indicates the type of chisel sharpening. The peculiarity of this knife is that, like most Japanese kitchen knives, it is a three-layer laminate with an inner layer from Shirogami, which is hardened to a hardness of 61 HRC. The knife has symmetrical double-sided leads at an angle of 20 degrees. The slopes of the Kiridashi Kogatana knife are slightly concave, which makes it easier to sharpen and maintain the knife. The main part of the knife is blackened to reduce the influence of corrosion factors. The Kiridashi Kogatana knife is very handy and practical to use not only for woodworking but also for many other uses. Of course, this kind of knives are quite common. However, the 3-layer laminate design with a Shirogami steel core gives more flexibility when using the Kiridashi Kogatana. High hardness, ease of sharpening the thinnest inner layer, resistance to blunting, and most importantly, the extreme sharpness to which Shirogami steel can sharpen this knife are the main qualities that make the Kiridashi Kogatana knife unique.

There are also Kiridashi Kogatana knives with one-sided sharpening from a two-layer laminate for the right or left side.


Country of origin
61 HRC
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Shiro Kami
Kiridashi Kogatana
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