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Sashimi bocho knives are one of the most popular Japanese kitchen knives. This knife is designed for cutting fresh raw fish into long and very thin slices. Such a knife has a long, thin and narrow blade with one-sided or two-sided sharpening, with an extremely small angle of descent, and must have exceptional sharpness for such cutting. A large blade length is necessary in order to cut in one go, in which case the cut piece of fish will look perfect. Sashimi-bocho Black knives from Fukamizu Hamono have a blade length of 210 (from heel to tip) and double-edged sharpening, which is more familiar to work in European cuisine. The weight of the knife is 135 grams with the balance shifted to the blade. The thickness of the butt has a wedge from the heel to the tip from 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm. The height of the canvas is 35mm. The total length of the knife is 355 mm. As in one of the most famous varieties of knives for cutting sashimi Yanagiba (Yanagiba), the Sashimi-bocho Black Fukamizu blade is made in the traditional Japanese willow leaf shape.
Sashimi-bocho Black from Fukamizu Hamono is an exceptionally beautiful and ergonomic Japanese handmade forged knife. It can be used not only for cutting fish, but for a wide variety of tasks where a long blade and extreme sharpness are needed. Of course, Sashimi-bocho Black Fukamizu claims the widest functionality and ease of use in the kitchen.
The blade of the Sashimi-bocho Black Fukamizu knife has a three-layer laminate structure. The central, extremely thin and strong layer, hardened to a hardness of 61 HRC, is made of White Paper Steel (or in the Japanese version Sirogami), which has established itself as one of the best Japanese carbon blade steels, on which the highest sharpness of sharpening can be realized. Sirogami steel is rusty. The Japanese traditionally rarely use chromium steels because stainless steels cannot be as sharp as carbon steels. And at the same time, carbon steel gives a much more aggressive cut and is more resistant to dulling. The outer layers are also made of rusting steel, only softer, which prevents damage to the central core. Prolonged use of the knife will result in a slight darkening of the approach area around the cutting edge. This will not damage the knife or detract from its performance, but it will give a nice visual contrast to the outer layers, showing the seam lines - the uneven pattern of which will resemble the line of a hamon, as on Japanese katanas.
The handle of the Sashimi-bocho Black Fukamizu knife is made in the traditional style for modern Japanese knives and has a D-shape, plastic binding and mounting on a thermal compound. Handle material - magnolia wood (untreated), is also widely used for such purposes.
When operating and caring for the Sashimi-bocho Black Fukamizu knife, it must be taken into account that the blade, both the facing part and the solid core, are subject to corrosion. Although most of the holomeni is protected by blackening (Kurouchi), it still does not completely protect against rust. Therefore, after each use, the Sashimi-bocho Black Fukamizu knife must be washed and wiped dry. It is better to store it on an open magnetic suspension. If you do not intend to use the knife for a long time, it is advisable to lubricate the rusting parts of the blade with oil. The Japanese use butt oil for this. You also need to take into account that the central layer of the blade is very thin and hard, and the sharpening angle is critically small. It is necessary to avoid shock loads on the cutting edge, contact of the knife with something very hard (bones, frozen foods, etc.). Also, due to the fact that the central layer is very thin, with prolonged exposure to an aggressive environment, rust can completely destroy it.
Knife sharpened on stone 1000 grit (JIS)

Country of origin Japan
Type Sashimi-bocho
Blade length 210 mm
Blade height 35 mm
Blade thickness 3 mm
Overall length 355 mm
Blade type three-layer
Middle layer steel White Paper Steel (Sirogami)
Middle layer hardness 61HRC
Handle material Magnolia (raw)
Design Features honed on 1000 grit stone (JIS), lenticular zeroing
Weight 135 grams.


Country of origin
Fukamizu Hamono
61 HRC
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
Handle material
steel grade
Shiro Kami
Sashimi bocho
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