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Thermoplastic Kydex Desert Tan (Desert) 2 mm thick. The base size for which the price is indicated is 300x150mm. When buying two, three or four sheets of Kydex Desert Tan (Desert) is released in one piece - 300x300mm, 450x300mm or 600x300mm, respectively.

Kydex (Kydex) is a sheet thermoplastic material that combines the positive properties of acrylic (rigidity, thermoformability) and polyvinyl chloride (strength, resistance to external chemical and mechanical influences). Kydex is beautifully textured and comes in a wide range of solid colors and printed patterns (23 standard colors and hundreds of graphic camouflages and licensed prints are available). Kydex (Kydex) is equally good for working at home and for making products in the workshop. Kydex (Kydex) has a low molding temperature, while it retains its texture well, does not tear when heated, and allows for multiple reformatting.

Kydex, unlike traditional materials (used to make, for example, scabbards) - does not soak, does not dry out and does not crack over time. Kydex products absolutely do not absorb liquids and, as a result, do not absorb odors, they are easy to clean with ordinary detergents. Kydex is an impact-resistant material that is inert to harmful environmental influences (acids, alkalis, solvents, solar ultraviolet, temperature changes, including frost, etc.).

For the manufacture of products from Kydex (Kydex), you will need two sheets, in fact, of Kydex itself (according to the size of the product with a margin), two boards and two thick sheets of thermal foam rubber. Kydex sheets are heated in the oven or with a building hair dryer. After heating Kydex, the product (for example, a knife for which the sheath is made) lies between two sheets of hot Kydex, which has become extremely soft, and all this is clamped between two sheets of thermal foam rubber, and those, in turn, between boards or in a special press. All this is tightly compressed with clamps for 10-20 minutes. Then the two halves of the finished form are connected with screws, eyelets or rivets, and the edges are trimmed with ordinary scissors. Then the edges are processed with sandpaper or on a grinder. Optionally, for example, a clip for fixing on a belt is added.

The temperature to which the Kydex sheet should be heated depends on its thickness:

- 165-177°C for sheet thickness < 1.5 mm (sheaths for light and small knives, Kydex bandoliers);

- 182-196°C for sheet thickness from 1.5 mm to 3.2 mm (heavy knife sheaths, Kydex holsters);

- 196-204°C for sheet thickness > 3.2 mm (Kydex ax sheaths, machetes, Kydex gun holsters, etc.).

One of the biggest benefits of Kydex is its durability. Disadvantages are quite subjective. For example, unlike leather, Kydex does not look as elegant and attractive, although in a certain sense, Kydex products have their own unique charm. A Kydex sheath will look like just a hard piece of plastic, but on the other hand, the texture of Kydex can camouflage the knife well. From a sheath made of Kydex (Kydex) it will not be possible to get a knife quietly, this specificity of operation must also be taken into account.


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