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Litmus paper or pH test is used for the easiest and most economical way to test the pH level of various liquids. Determining whether the medium is acidic or alkaline is necessary, for example, for coolants used with organic-bonded bars. It is not recommended to use liquids with alkaline PH with such stones (in particular, those based on phenol-formaldehyde components), since such an environment can soften the bond and poorly retain the abrasive grain. To determine the pH of a liquid, it is enough to immerse the strip in it and then compare the color indicators of the strip with the scale on the package. The acidity measurement range is from 1 to 14 units, where 1 is the most acidic environment, 7 is the neutral environment, and 14 is the most alkaline environment. The number of measuring litmus strips in a package is 80 pieces. Keep litmus paper in a dark and dry place.

• Measurement range: 1 - 14 pH
• Quantity of litmus strips in a package: 80 pcs.
• Weight - 6 grams

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