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Ermak laser cutter sharpening angle meter - goniometer "Hobby" has a full angle measurement range of up to 70 degrees. Measurements can be made for both single-sided and double-sided sharpening (both for symmetrical and asymmetric). This device is designed for a knife blade width up to 48mm. Protractor weight - 57 grams. The laser goniometer is powered by a CR2032 lithium battery.
The process of measuring the angle of sharpening with a laser goniometer is simple. It is necessary to turn on the device and place the knife in the central recess so that the cutting edge simultaneously touches the upper and lower lining. By slightly tilting the blade relative to the point of contact, obtain a symmetrical picture of readings on the scale. In this case, the sum of the readings on the left and right will always be constant, regardless of the rotation of the blade and is equal to the total angle of sharpening. To measure the angle of sharpening scissors, you need to attach any half of the scissors to the edge of the centering angle and move it all the way into the corner. Read the readings on the laser mark and add 45 degrees to them. The centering angle is 90 degrees. The device, despite its apparent simplicity, is very sensitive and allows you to confidently read not only the angle of sharpening the blade, but also the angle of its micro-approach, descents, and even show the degree of lensing of the main approach. To replace the battery, it is necessary to push the used battery out of the switch with a screwdriver towards the base of the goniometer and pull it out of the case. Then insert a new battery up to the stop in reverse order.

Producer - Ermak
Model – Hobby
Dimensions - 120x110x16 mm
Maximum blade height - 48mm
The maximum full measurement angle is 70 degrees
Power - CR2032 battery
Weight - 57 grams

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