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Sharpening measurement range up to 56 degrees (total angle). Blade width 80mm.

This goniometer model is made in addition to a simpler model. Its blade size range is almost doubled: 80mm versus 48mm.

     Currently, all goniometers are available in a universal gray version, which is also used in all models of machines. All new models of goniometers use mass-produced parts printed on a PHROZEN XL 4K photopolymer 3D printer with a resolution of 50 microns. This made it possible to create a construct that was previously inaccessible for laser cutting. Laser cutting is now used to produce only overlays, which are engraved with a fiber optic laser. In this regard, goniometers are almost always available. Working with a protractor is extremely simple. The device, despite its apparent simplicity, is very sensitive (especially after adjusting the laser module) and allows you to confidently read, for example, not only the sharpening angle of a clerical knife (with breaking blades), but also the angle of its micro-approach!

     The total angle is limited to 56 degrees due to the relative compactness of the device, although it turned out to be quite large anyway. As I wrote earlier, you can make any goniometer for any task, but the bulk of all blades fit into a sharpening angle of 55-60 degrees. Therefore, it makes no sense to make a public device for the parameters of blades that come across extremely rarely. In any case, I didn't really get it. Again, the larger the goniometer, the more expensive it will be.

     Replacing batteries is also much easier. To do this, just push the used battery with any hard object, such as a screwdriver. After, taking it with your fingers, just pull it out of the case. Insert a new battery up to the stop in reverse order. If it comes out tightly (the battery compartments are quite tight), then you can remove it by taking it with pliers or tweezers, since it will already be discharged and closing the contacts will not harm it.

Now, to take measurements, there is no need to constantly hold down the button of the pointer. It is enough just to turn on the power using the microswitch located on the power supply board in the recess of the goniometer housing. This is easy to do with the pad of any finger, very convenient with the pad of the thumb. The main thing is not to forget to turn it off to prevent premature battery discharge.

All goniometers are adjusted to the position of the laser beam on a special stand. However, if necessary, you can do this work yourself, albeit at a high cost of time.
In general, the Pro goniometer differs from the Hobby goniometer only in size and accuracy. The rest of their designs are exactly the same. This allows you to unify the design details and produce more goniometers without compromising the quality of the goods. By the way, due to such unification, the weight of the protractor has decreased from 245 g to 73 g. This is 3 times!!! And the lighter the device, the easier it is to work and hold it in your hand.

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