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Linen micarta
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Double Black 1/4" linen micarta pads (size 130x85x6.5mm) are one of the highest quality varieties of materials for handles for cutting tools. Laminated sheets of canvas are made from one-component polymer resins in combination with layers of canvas fabric, pressed under high pressure and High temperature Double Black means double dyeing of both black fabric and resin filler. The resulting product is a dense material that can be cut, shaped, drilled, taped and processed with conventional American made Micarta tools. fine linen fabric differs in the best way from most world analogues. The Double Black material is easily machined, close in this respect to G-10, but at the same time it is not so critical for dulling the cutting tool. Double Black linen micarta is ideally sanded, drilled, milled and milled. polished (the difference in quality is especially noticeable when polishing this material) without the formation of open, disheveled tissue areas. Also, this effect does not appear during long-term use.
Micarta is one of the types of material that, along with wood and plastic, is most often used in the manufacture of knife handles and other cutting tools. There is no specific standard for the manufacture of this material - it all depends on the desire of the customer and the flight of imagination of the master. In general, micarta is a kind of material in which, in principle, anything is taken as a basis - fabric, fiberglass, fiber, plastic or even paper - filled with composite resin and pressed into a format convenient for mounting a handle. The history of using micarta as a material for handles is not as rich as that of wood, but since the beginning of the twentieth century, since the discovery of the first compounds of phenol-formaldehyde resins, this material has firmly taken its position not only in knife making, but in other areas of economic activity.
One of the main factors for this breakthrough was the relative cheapness, practicality in production and ease of further use of the products. On the one hand, ease of processing and low cost of the material, on the other, improved consumer qualities and durability in use. Micarta is absolutely immune to environmental influences - fluctuations in temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation (does not dry out or crack), is inert to aggressive chemicals, resistant to mechanical damage and also does not conduct electrical current. Micarta has high strength and density, fits very well in the hand, does not cause tactile discomfort, and does not slip, even when wet. In addition, in addition to practicality and functionality, the aesthetic component is no less important. When making a micarta handle, it is difficult to predict the end result.
Due to the intricate pattern of the base and the play of color, each product turns out to be unique, not similar to each other. Therefore, micarta is the favorite material of craftsmen who work with non-serial knives, craftsmen who want to emphasize individuality in their blade, to make even a mediocre kitchen utensil into a unique product, giving the handle an ergonomic shape and showing on it an amazing three-dimensional pattern, unique only to micarta.

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Linen micarta
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