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For stabilization

Cactus Juice Stabilizer Resin is a premium professional thermoset resin for impregnating wood and other porous materials.
New Cactus Juice formula!
- practically does not foam;
- reduced by 15% the outflow of the solution from the workpiece;
- now Cactus Juice is more transparent!
At the same time, all technological features of work remained the same - temperature conditions of solidification, vacuuming time, etc.
- stabilizes and strengthens wood and other porous materials;
- eliminates distortion of the sizes of wood at change of humidity;
- the ability to add dyes Cactus Juice;
- expiration date 1 year after activation and 3 years in an inactivated state;
Non-toxic, non-flammable, washable with soap and water. It is possible to reuse the excess of the activated solution.
After activation, Cactus Juice should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 29° C. If this temperature is exceeded, the activated solution may quickly harden. It is also recommended to keep away from heating devices, including running vacuum pumps, which can also have high case temperatures.

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