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Highly purified camellia oil brand "Kurobara" (black rose) in Japan is traditionally used to protect blades, swords, knives, carpentry tools (chisels, chisels, planer irons) and other cutting tools from corrosion. For over 100 years, Kurobara oil has been produced in Japan according to the same recipe. This is a special acid-free camellia oil of a very high degree of purification. It has a neutral taste and odor, is non-drying and non-toxic, which is why Kurobara Camellia Oil is recommended for protecting kitchen knives from corrosion.

Japanese traditional carbon steel knives are more in need of constant care, rust protection, especially immediately after use. Knife care oils are not a necessary maintenance item, such as sharpening or straightening a blade. But nevertheless, it is convenient and useful to always have oil on hand for the regular care and maintenance of kitchen knives (or any other cutting tool that comes into contact with food), especially if there are knives with a carbon steel blade in everyday life. Also, this oil can be recommended for use for knives made of chromium steels if necessary, for example, for long-term storage.

Before using camellia oil, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and clean the surface of the knife from contamination. Then soak a clean rag or sponge with oil and gently apply it to the surface of the knife blade.

Camellia oil in plastic bottle 100 ml

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