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3V's ARKANSA'S Sharpening Oils are designed to be used as a lubricant when sharpening cutting tools. ARKANSA'S START oil has a lower density and is recommended if high metal removal rates are required during the sharpening process. ARKANSA'S FINISH oil has a high density and is recommended when a high surface finish is required in finishing operations.

In descriptions of the characteristics of sharpening stones, when classifying their abrasive ability, one can often see that the stone works with water in the equivalent of such and such a grit, and with oil - much thinner. Indeed, the material removal rate of an abrasive tool largely depends on the density of the coolant used in the process. The lower the density of the lubricating fluid, the tighter the contact of the abrasive with the workpiece and the more intensive metal processing. The higher the coolant density, the more gentle the abrasive effect on the tool being sharpened and the higher the surface finish. Often, to increase the productivity of material removal, during roughing and starting grinding processes, water is used as a coolant with the lowest density, and at the finish of sharpening and finishing operations, oil-based coolants are used to improve the quality of the machined surface. In practice, it is inconvenient to change the type of lubricating fluid so radically. In addition, sometimes the use of oil is strictly determined by the type of abrasive tool or steel being sharpened (for example, steel that is highly susceptible to corrosion). In this case, it is very advisable to use two types of oils that differ from each other in density - less dense for starting processes, and denser for finishing.

The different abrasive ability realized when using two types of oils ARKANSA'S Sharpening Oil START and FINISH will allow the use of one abrasive block at completely different stages of sharpening. Depending on the type of sharpening bar material, when using ARKANSA’S Sharpening Oil START and FINISH oil coolants, you can get a difference in abrasive ability in grit equivalent from one and a half times, for example, on natural stones, up to three times on ceramics with an open structure.

Also, ARKANSA'S Sharpening Oil FINISH, a high density oil, can be used for the initial impregnation of non-impregnated oil sharpening stones.


250 ml
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