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Danish Oil is a unique blend of deep penetrating varnishes and oils. Penetrating deep into the pores of the wood, the oil hardens there, and the varnish creates a protective polyurethane film on the treated surface. Danish Oil is formulated specifically for application to hardwoods. The main advantages of Danish Oil are its high penetration into wood pores and the excellent water-repellent effect of the treated surface. The special infiltration components that make up Danish Oil allow it to penetrate deep into the wood of even exotic species, providing reliable protection against harmful environmental influences - moisture, ultraviolet radiation, aggressive chemical components, etc. The consistency of the oil and additives that increase the adhesive properties ensure an even distribution of the oil on the surface of the wood, while the structure and color of the wood are perfectly manifested, acquiring semi-matt amber tones.

Danish Oil contains no harmful components, it is suitable for processing toys, children's furniture, upholstery in baths and saunas, wooden surfaces for food. All these properties of Danish Oil make it an ideal compound for processing wooden handles of knives and other cutting tools.

Recommendations for using Danish Oil.

The wooden surface must be well cleaned, sanded and free from dirt and dust before applying Danish Oil. Before applying the container with Danish Oil, shake well (for 1 minute). The application temperature must be above 10 degrees Celsius and the air humidity below 85%. Danish Oil gives a good result even when impregnated in one layer, but of course, application in several layers can be practiced. When applying the second and subsequent layers, the surface color will become darker. If it is necessary to apply several layers, it is better to do light interlayer grinding with a finely abrasive sandpaper. The time between repeated applications should be no more than 10 minutes to prevent the formation of a polymer film on the surface and to allow the oil to penetrate into the pores of the wood to a nominal depth. The complete drying time of Danish Oil at room temperature is 8-10 hours. In order to prevent spoilage (polymerization) of Danish Oil inside the storage container, it is necessary to avoid contact of the oil that remains inside the bottle with the application tool (brushes, sponges, rags, etc.) and the treated wood . Do not dip a brush or piece of wood into a can of Danish Oil unless you intend to use the oil completely. This can cause the oil inside the bottle to harden. Danish Oil is better to pour (drip) onto the treated surface or brush (rags), and then rub.

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