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Protective oil ARKANSA'S OIL INITIAL is designed to impregnate knife handles and other cutting tools. It can also be used to protect against environmental influences (moisture, ultraviolet radiation, chemically aggressive substances) any organic (wood, horn, leather, etc.) and inorganic surfaces with a porous or capillary structure.

The main difference between ARKANSA'S OIL protective oil and similar products from other companies is that it is made on the basis of highly refined olive oil, and not on the basis of a mixture of soybean, tung, linseed, castor oils with various synthetic varnishes, as is done, for example, in Danish Oil, Teak Oil, Tung Oil, etc.

Olive oil is one of the first compounds that mankind in its history used to protect wood products. And this decision has stood the test of time. An olive oil-based protective coating has many advantages, it:

- does not lose its elasticity over time (unlike coatings, for example, based on linseed oils, which become sharp and brittle over the years);

- does not change the visual and tactile structure of wood. The treated wooden surface remains exactly the same to the touch as freshly planed wood;

- the surface of the knife handle treated with protective olive oil will never slip, even if it is wet, stained with blood or something similar;

- even old olive oil will not emit a rancid smell and the old handle will either not smell of anything, or will emit a subtle oily aroma.

- olive oil serves as an excellent provider for the natural essential oils contained in wood, so the impregnation not only perfectly reveals the structure of the wood, but also conveys and enhances the natural smell of the wood species.

When applied, ARKANSA’S OIL saturates the surface layers, which prevents the pile from rising and makes grinding unnecessary when multi-layered surface coating. The consistency of the oil and additives that increase the adhesive properties ensure an even distribution of the oil on the surface of the wood, while the structure and color of the wood are perfectly manifested, acquiring semi-matt amber tones.

The composition of ARKANSA'S OIL protective oil includes various surface-active substances (surfactants), which allow very quickly, in a natural way (without being placed in vacuum chambers) to penetrate deep into the pores of even very dense wood (up to exotic species containing natural essential oils) . These surfactants (predominantly based on the ketone organic group) block the formation of polymeric microclots in the wood capillaries and increase the mobility of the oil molecules. The ketone group provider used (the provider is a surfactant that is responsible for the rapid and deep penetration of oils into the wood) is very volatile, initially gives a slight smell of acetone, but this component evaporates quickly enough (faster than a film forms), leaving no trace in the final polymerized coating. At the same time, the provider works so actively that it can push the molecules of an already polymerized oil coating apart, which allows ARKANSA’S OIL to work effectively even on already treated surfaces.

For the preparation of ARKANSA'S OIL protective oil, only highly refined olive oil is used, excluding the presence of even the smallest solid particles, including waxes, stearin and other components present in various oils in their natural form. This eliminates clogging of the micro-capillary structure of the wood and guarantees deep and rapid penetration of the oil components into the pores. Olive oil gives ARKANSA'S OIL a characteristic greenish tint, however, this does not affect the change in color of the treated wood surface, it remains the same in color, while slightly darkening with the appearance of the texture of the wood pattern.

ARKANSA'S OIL protective oil contains no harmful components, it is suitable for processing toys, children's furniture, upholstery in baths and saunas, wooden surfaces for food.

Before applying the protective oil, the wooden surface must be well cleaned, sanded and freed from dirt and dust. Shake the container with protective oil before application. The application temperature must be above 10 degrees Celsius and the air humidity below 85%. Protective oil ARKANSA'S OIL gives a good result even when impregnated in one layer, but of course, application in several layers can be practiced. The time between repeated applications should be more than 15 minutes, which allows the oil to penetrate into the pores of the wood to the nominal depth. Since olive oil belongs to the class of low polymerizing oils, ARKANSA’S OIL protective oil contains light natural desiccants, which make it possible to obtain a stable dry film on the surface of the handle even after 12 hours after application. It is recommended to use the product treated with oil 72 hours after impregnation.

In order to prevent deterioration (polymerization) of the protective oil inside the storage container, it is necessary to avoid contact of the oil that remains inside the bottle with the application tool (brushes, sponges, rags, etc.) and the treated wood. Do not dip a brush or piece of wood into a jar of protective oil unless you intend to use the oil completely. This can cause the oil inside the bottle to harden. Protective oil is better to pour (drip) on the treated surface or brush (rags), and then rub.

To accelerate polymerization and better fix the effect of fixing the protective film on the surface of the workpiece, ARKANSA’S OIL FINAL protective oil with a high content of natural polymerizing substances can be applied as a finishing layer with a final polymerization time of up to 8 hours. This will speed up the process and improve the result.

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