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And so - HLAD`SТМ HONING Oil. This honing oil has a composition similar to world famous brands such as DAN`S HONING Oil and VOLOD`S HONING Oil. The composition of HLAD`STTM HONING Oil is based on purified passivated non-drying natural vegetable oil enriched with antioxidants, surfactants, plasticizers and flavors.

HLAD`SТМHONINGOil has such a natural composition that it can be used not only as a honing oil for sharpening stones and metals, but also as a leather care product - by rubbing a small amount of HLAD`SТМ HONING Oil into the surface of even antique leather products , the skin on them acquires the lost plasticity and a new look.

But back to sharpening bars. Systematic use of HLAD`SТМ HONING Oil will prevent the formation of a film of oxidized and polymerized oil on the surface and in the pores of your sharpening bar, which will help maintain the abrasive properties of the bar and turn sharpening into a kind of pleasure.

HLAD`STM HONING Oil is also used for precision metal-to-metal work. Considering the high lubricity of HLAD`SТМ HONING Oil composition and temperature resistance (up to 200 degrees Celsius) with full preservation of the main properties, high-level specialists use HLAD`SТМ HONING Oil for precision drilling and milling.

But back to sharpening bars. If you need to remove accumulated sludge from the microparticles of removed metal and spent abrasive grains of the bar from the surface of the bar, and if necessary, clean any surfaces and your hands from oil or grease - you can use the HLAD`SТМ CLEANING Substance product (specify E. link to the product abstract), which will bring an excellent result.

If it is necessary to remove reddish-brown traces from the processing of high-carbon steel from the surface of the sharpening bar, you can use the HLAD`S cleaning solution (point E. to the product summary), which will also bring consistently excellent results.

Work with HLAD`SТМ products and enjoy your work.



125 ml
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