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3VTM presents VOLOD`S HONINGOil honing oil, unique in its composition and quality parameters. This oil is made from refined non-drying natural vegetable oils with added antioxidants and surfactants. In terms of quality parameters, VOLOD`S HONING Oil is similar to DAN`S Oil, but compares favorably with the presence of highly refined non-drying vegetable oil in its composition with a highly effective antioxidant. Also in the composition of VOLOD`S HONING Oil there is an additive in the form of an aromatic oil, which eliminates the pungent smell of some surfactants that make up the oil.

Systematic use of VOLOD`S HONING Oil will prevent the formation of a film of oxidized and polymerized oil on the surface and in the pores of your sharpening stone, which will help maintain the abrasive properties of the stone and turn sharpening into a kind of pleasure.

If you need to remove accumulated sludge from the surface of the bar from microparticles of removed metal and spent abrasive grains of the bar, and if necessary, clean any surfaces and your hands from oil or grease - you can use the product from 3VТМ VOLOD`S CLEANINGSubstance (specify E. a link to the product abstract), which will also bring consistently excellent results.

Work with 3VTM products and enjoy your work.


60 ml
Main component
65 g.
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