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Militec-1 lubricant (or rather, a metal conditioner) is made on a synthetic basis and serves primarily for processing metal parts of weapons, both firearms and for lubricating hinges of various kinds of folding knives and knives with automatic and semi-automatic blade ejection mechanism. It is recommended to ensure reliable operation of mechanisms operated in particularly harsh conditions. The main functional purpose of Militec-1 is a liquid-free friction reduction in mechanically interacting joints.

The principle of operation of the metal conditioner. Militec-1 grease, entering into a chemical reaction with the metal of rubbing surfaces, forms a protective film on them and reduces friction in the mechanical connection. Therefore, working with Militec-1 lubricant implies the absence of a liquid fraction between rubbing parts. This avoids such disadvantages inherent in traditional lubricants as oil release from the friction area, drying of the lubricant in the contact zone (as a result, a short service life and risks caused by increased friction), contamination of the liquid lubricant with dust, metal particles, etc.

Recommendations for use. Before applying Militec-1 lubricant, it is necessary to clean the treated surface from dirt, degrease it and heat it up to a temperature of 65 °C using, for example, a hair dryer. (65 °C is a low temperature. For example, low-temperature tempering of steel is possible only at temperatures above 150 °C). Apply Militec-1 and lap the friction surfaces (fold and unfold the knife several times). After that, the surfaces coated with Militec-1 grease are wiped dry. Militec-1 grease manufacturer recommends repeating this process two to three more times.

Special instructions. If it is not possible to apply Militec-1 in the recommended way, it can be used as an additive to a previously applied lubricant. Since Militec-1 does not react with traditional greases, conditioner particles are incorporated into the old grease, forming a conglomerate. At the same time, during operation (friction of moving parts), Militec-1 particles are deposited on the metal surface and fulfill their main purpose.

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