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Artificial stone JUMA (Juma) is a high-quality modern polymeric material made of fine mineral dust and a binder resin, imitating snake skin in various colors. It has a high density - 1.25g / cm3. (with dimensions of 120x40x30mm, the bar has a weight of about 180 grams).

Artificial stone JUMA (Juma) is ideal for making knife handles and other cutting tools, as well as for inlaying art objects. As a material, JUMA stone is optimized for excellent mechanical processing, has excellent consumer qualities (tactile comfort, high strength, does not prick or scratch easily) and at the same time has an extremely beautiful deep scaly texture with a 3D effect.

The main advantages of JUMA artificial stone (Juma) over other materials for handles:

- artificial stone JUMA perfectly lends itself to drilling, milling, grinding and polishing;

- both in the manufacture of products from JUMA artificial stone, and during its operation, there is a minimal risk of breakage due to the high degree of elasticity of the material;

- products made of JUMA artificial stone retain excellent appearance and high-quality surface polishing due to high hardness and resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress;

- JUMA artificial stone is resistant to harmful environmental influences (water, acid, alkali, oils, solvents, ultraviolet, etc.);

- JUMA artificial stone does not absorb water even in the smallest quantities, however, it has the possibility of thermal molding in boiling water;

- JUMA artificial stone is very pleasant to the touch due to balanced thermal properties.

Size 120x40x30 mm.

Acrylic block Juma Ivory Snake Block 120x40x30mm
Acrylic block Juma Green Mamba Block 120x40x30mm
Acrylic block 120x40x30 mm Juma Blue Snake Block
Acrylic block 120x40x30 mm Juma Golden Dragon
Acrylic block 120x40x30 mm Juma Carbon Snake
Acrylic block 120x40x30 mm Juma Ivory Block
Acrylic block 120x40x30 mm Juma Ivory Block
874.62 грн
Acrylic block 120x40x30 mm Juma Black Block
Acrylic block 120x40x30 mm Juma Black Block
875.05 грн
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