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Bolsters for knives
Bolster (the word is of English origin, bolster is translated as a gasket) is an element of a knife, or rather a knife handle, located in its front part. The main purpose of the bolster is to redistribute mechanical loads, because it is in the middle of the knife, the junction of the blade and the handle, that the greatest effort occurs when working. As a result, if appropriate measures are not taken to strengthen this place, the blade may loosen and the knife will become unusable. As an accompanying functionality, the bolster also serves as an impromptu guard, protecting the front end of the handle, and also certainly serves as an important element of decoration.

A wide variety of materials are used for the manufacture of a bolster: metals (copper alloys / brass, bronze, cupronickel /, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum alloys, etc.), non-prickly and hard woods, horns / bones / teeth of animals, as well as various kinds hard plastic (polyester, acrylic, bakelite, etc.). The main quality that a material for a bolster should have is strength that exceeds the strength of the handle material.

Often, stacked bolsters are used for beauty, combining various spacers (a product similar to a bolster, but having a smaller thickness), fiber and other decorative materials.
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