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Carbon / Silver Twill
There are many variations of CFRP composite materials widely used for the manufacture of linings for knife handles and other cutting tools. This includes carbon, MG-10 and G-10, silver twill, etc. The advantages of using such materials are obvious - high strength (stronger than steel), low weight, resistance to various kinds of possible aggressive environmental influences, external attractiveness. All this makes carbon fiber an ideal material for the manufacture of handles. In fact, carbon fiber, G-10 or silver twill is a carbon fiber fabric sheathed with thermosetting polymer resins, most often epoxy.

The carbon fiber overlays have a three-dimensional regular pattern that shimmers from the inside with a kaleidoscope of many mirror reflections, more like a hologram than the chaotic patterns of ordinary micarta. The photo and even the video does not convey all the uniqueness and depth of the color of the interwoven fabric, which plays with many facets, like a precious stone. But really on the handle of a knife it looks amazing, very expensive and bewitching. You can look at a knife with such a handle endlessly, like a burning fire or an oncoming wave, since any play of light and shadow makes the structure of the fabric flare up with new colors throughout the depth. You will never get tired of such a knife and will always please the eye.

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