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Acrylester Inlace Bars is a new composite material made in the USA and optimized for cutting tool handles and decorative inlays. It lends itself perfectly to machining - drilling, milling, grinding and polishing. Acrylester Inlace material is quite hard and strong, but at the same time it has a high degree of elasticity, which guarantees minimal risk of damage during manufacture and operation. The density of the material is 1.25g/cm3. (with a bar size of 130x40x25mm, it weighs about 160 grams). Products made of artificial stone Inlace (Inlace) Acrylester retain excellent appearance and high-quality surface polishing due to high hardness and resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress. After polishing, the surface acquires a pearly sheen and depth of color and looks amazing. Material Inlace (Іnlays) Acrylester does not absorb water and is resistant to harmful environmental influences (water, acid, alkali, oils, solvents, ultraviolet, etc.). Handles made of Inlace (Inlace) Acrylester are tactilely very comfortable and do not slip in the hand.

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