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Merbau (Merbau) or the more common name of this tree - Intsia bipair grows on the island of Madagascar, the Philippines and the islands of the southwestern Pacific Ocean, including the territory of Papua New Guinea. A similar botanical species is Intsia palembanica Miq. - grows mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia. He gives wood under the local trade name Merbau (Merbau). A small number of trees of this species are also found in Papua New Guinea. Their wood can be presented as an admixture in commodity lots of timber intsiya bipair under the trade name kwila. The wood of these two species does not have significant differences. There are also other names for this wood - hintzy (Madagascar), ipil (Philippines).

Colour: Broad sapwood, pale yellow, distinctly demarcated from the heartwood, which varies in color from orange-tinged brown to dark reddish brown. Cells of woody tissue often contain deposits of yellow or darker color. The structure of the wood is confused-gray, often wavy. The texture is large but smooth. The dry density is about 750–830 kg/m³.

It lends itself well to manual and machine processing. When planing, tearing and scuffing of the fibers is possible. Recommended cutting angle up to 20°. It is well glued, etched with dyes and polished.
Name of breed Merbau (Merbau)
Botan. / Latin. name Intsia palembanica Miq.
Growing regionMalaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
Its dry density is about 830 kg/m3
Recommended cutting angle 20 degrees
polishing/grinding good
Susceptibility to dyes good
Adhesion good
Size125x50x8 mm


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Intsia palembanica Miq.
Growing region
Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
Its dry density
about 830 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х50х8 mm
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