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The SPUMA (Slotted Post Ultra Mounting Assembly) mounting assembly for fastening BOLTARON, HOLSTEX and KYDEX thermoplastic products is used to attach sheaths, holsters, clip cases, flashlights and other common equipment assemblies to mounting clips, as a rule, through grommet holes. The mounting assembly includes:
- Screw. Size 9*7.4mm, thread diameter 3.3mm, thread length 7mm;
- Threaded bushing, through. Dimensions 8.7*8.7mm, neck diameter 5mm, neck length 7mm;
- Rubber washer. Dimension 12.8*2.8mm, hole 5mm;
- Decorative washer. Dimensions 13.2*2.8mm, hole 5.2mm. The washer has a curved surface, under which the outer part of the grommet is hidden, and the countersunk head of the screw is also hidden, without protruding above the mounting surface.
All metal parts of the mount have a high-quality black coating.

For this assembly, you can use decorative washers ref. 13497, 13498, 13499 on the screw side and mounting washer ref.


black nickel
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