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Mounting universal TEK LOK-1

TEK LOK-1 (Tek Lok) is a special mounting structure that can be used as a base for mounting on scabbards, holsters, lodgements, bandoliers, covers, cases, pouches, magazine cases, etc. in order to simplify their fixation on unloading belts, slings and other items of equipment and equipment.
Such a mount is a kind of adapter that is used to place camping, casual, sports, army and police equipment on unloading belts, MOLLE attachment methods and other slings that fit the parameters. The maximum width of the belt for fastening is 6 centimeters.
The mount is made of impact-resistant and wear-resistant nylon, which is not afraid of temperature changes and exposure to various weather conditions.
TEK LOK-1 (Tek Lok) is made in such a way that it opens literally in one movement, after which it is hooked under the belt, and just as quickly snaps into place and is fixed on it.
If the sling or belt is narrow, does not fit neatly into the mount, then this leads to dangling of the attached equipment. To prevent this, the TEK LOK-1 (Tek Lok) has removable limiters. There is also a safety catch that prevents unwanted opening of the TEK LOK-1 mount (Tek Lok) and loss of equipment.
TEK LOK-1 (Tek Lok) in the starting package is equipped with a set of mounting screws with washers, with which it is installed on anything. Installation and installation of the TEK LOK-1 mount (Tek Lok) does not require special training and any special skills
The principle of operation and installation of the universal fastener TEK LOK-1 (Tek Lok) are quite simple. There is a lock at the top of the fastener, it must be snapped off, squeeze the protrusions in the form of ears and pull towards you. For installation on a holster or sheath, the mounting screws and washers included in the kit are used.

Country of origin - China
Material - nylon
Presence of a fuse opening - yes
Mounting screws with washers included - yes
Maximum strap width for fastening: 60mm
Dimensions: 78mm x 55mm x 11mm
Weight: 65g
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