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TEK LOK-2 (Tek Lok) is a special mounting structure that can be used as a base for mounting on scabbards, holsters, lodgements, bandoliers, covers, cases, pouches, magazine cases, etc. in order to simplify their fixation on unloading belts, slings and other items of equipment and equipment.
Such a mount is a kind of adapter that is used to place camping, casual, sports, army and police equipment on unloading belts, MOLLE attachment methods and other slings that fit the parameters.
The mount is made of impact-resistant and wear-resistant nylon, which is not afraid of temperature changes and exposure to various weather conditions.
TEK LOK-2 (Tek Lok) is designed in such a way that it unfolds and unfastens in just one movement, slips under the belt. And it also folds quickly, that is, it fastens and fixes on it.
Fitting and preventing dangling of the fastening on too straps and slings of various widths, the tech-lock design provides for removable limiters. The TEK LOK-2 also has a safety lock against accidental opening leading to loss of equipment.
The TEK LOK-2 clip (Tek Lok) is optimal for attaching to Kydex sheaths and similar products. Mounting variability is provided by nine holes, which allow taking into account the configuration of the sheath when mounting.
Using the mounting screws with washers included in the mounting kit. Tek Lok-2 is installed on almost any relatively hard surface.
TEK LOK-2 (Tek Lok) is a spring-loaded version of the classic belt mount, equipped with a special button that ensures quick opening and removal of this device.
The TEK LOK-2 clip (Tek Lok) is quite versatile, has a latch and a hinge. TEK LOK-2 (Tek Lok) is made of flexible and durable nylon. The starter kit includes fixing screws with washers. TEK LOK-2 (Tek Lok) is ideally combined with scabbards made of kydex, ABS plastic and similar materials. TEK LOK-2 (Tek Lok) allows for convenient and quick fastening not only on the waist belt, but on the elements of unloading systems, body armor, etc.

Country of origin - China
Material - nylon
Presence of a fuse opening - yes
Mounting screws with washers included - yes

The maximum width of the strap for fastening - 60mm
Dimensions - 87x32x18 mm.
Weight - 40 grams.

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