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Ceramic musat is used to correct the unevenness of the cutting edge (RK). Musat has a very hard smooth surface. This musat perfectly combines high quality and affordable price. During the use of the knife, its edge is gradually wrinkled. To restore the sharpness of the knife, it is enough to draw the blade along the musat a couple of times on both sides. Musat does not remove part of the material from the surface of the blade, which helps to extend the life of the knife.

What is musat, what is it for and how to use it?
Musat is a tool for dressing knives, and the key word here is editing, not sharpening, as some people think! The use of musat will be justified only on those knives in which the cutting edge is not subject to chipping, that is, these are knives with an average blade hardness. If we switch to the language of numbers, then it is advisable to use musat if the hardness of the blade is from 50 HRC to 60 HRC. If the hardness is below 50 HRC, then the musat will start to cut the metal from the cutting edge too much, and not bend and straighten it, and thereby kill the cutting edge. If the blade hardness is more than 60 HRC, usually the cutting edge of such a knife will chip when dull. And even if in some places it is a little flattened, crumpled, then when you try to straighten it with musat, it will simply break off, and if the hardness of the musat is not sufficient, then it will slide at all without leaving any marks on the cutting edge. Therefore, the use of musat in such cases is simply not logical and useless. Now let's look at what happens when the knife becomes dull (if the knife is not made of too hard steel).
When blunted, the cutting edge changes its geometry, that is, it can bend to the left or right, as well as crumple, as if flattened. Next, you need to understand what the musat does when guiding it along the cutting edge. He clings to the jams and arches the edge, thereby restoring its geometry. Also, if the musat is made of fairly hard steel (compared to the hardness of the blade), then it can remove the metal a little, thereby undermining the edge a little.
Therefore, when working with musat, you do not need to press hard on the knife. It is enough to move with confident movements while maintaining the angle of sharpening the knife. And yet, you need to use musat after a short work with a knife, for example, after cooking. There is no need to wait for the cutting edge to shine and the knife to become very dull, in such cases a little sharpening or dressing on the stone will be required.

Roks company offers you to buy a smooth ceramic musat in Kiev at a low price. Pickup or delivery throughout Ukraine.


Country of origin
Fine (800) grit
Alumina ceramics
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Handle material
Musat ceramic
60 g.
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Заказал один на пробу. Приехал хорошо упакован. Качество отличное. До этого опыт с металлическим , разница как говорится : небо и земля. Буду брать еще.
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Круто. Классная цена и качество.
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Рекомендую, все супер.
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