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A set of four sharpening stones includes 220, 400, 800 and 1200 grit abrasives. The size of the bars 150x25x10mm is standard for sharpening systems and is optimally suited for most machine tool holders.

This set is an extended version of a set of three stones based on silicon carbide (SiC). This kit has an 800-grit sharpening stone added to allow for a smoother transition between 400-grit and 1200-grit abrasives. The introduction of the 800-grit stone set also reduces the stress on fine-grained stones when finishing and allows for more reliable removal of scratches left by the 400-grit stone, resulting in a more wear-resistant cutting edge.

A magnesian bond is used in the stones of the set, so they can be classified as water stones. Those. they do not work with oils and oil-based coolants, but only with water. For greater efficiency of operations performed with stones, the working surface of the stone can also be treated with a soapy solution (when sharpening or leveling). Also, a soap solution can be used to clean the surface from contamination. To prevent the destruction of stones, they must not be left in water for a long time (soaking before use - 5-10 minutes), and also must not be subjected to rapid forced drying after use. Magnesia-bonded abrasives work well with hard steels, since they have a high degree of renewal of the working layer, and are also slightly susceptible to clogging.

Alignment of stones is carried out on glass using silicon carbide powder of the appropriate fraction.

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