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A set of abrasive stones for manual sharpening 200x40x20 mm (manufactured in Ukraine) allows you to perform a full cycle of the process of sharpening knives and other cutting tools from the initial formation of cutting edge leads (CR) to finishing.
Accordingly, the first, coarsest stone with a grain size of 220 grit is used for rough work that requires intensive removal of metal from the workpiece, i.e. formation of the main geometry of the RC (it is possible without going to the burr).
The second stone, with a grain size of 400 grit, carries out the main stage of sharpening itself.
A 1200 grit stone is used for finishing operations and its task, having removed the risks on the RC made at the previous stage, is to bring the cutting edge to a mirror shine and razor sharpness.
If the blade being sharpened does not require rough work on the initial formation of the supply, regrinding, changing the sharpening angle or removing serious flaws in the form of chips and notches, then you can start sharpening immediately with a 400 grit stone.
The working abrasive of all three stones of the set is silicon carbide (SiC). A large jump in the grain size between stones is due to the property of silicon carbide grains to break down under mechanical action, but not to be turned, but to maintain a high abrasive ability in a finer fraction. Therefore, when working with a stone based on silicon carbide, the "grit" of the abrasive increases in the process and the stone works thinner and thinner. Due to this feature of silicon carbide, bars based on it allow a change in grain size up to 3 times when moving from stone to stone.
The bundle of all three stones of the set is magnesian. This means that the stones are water-based, work exclusively with water and require soaking for 5-10 minutes before any operations with them, whether it be sharpening or leveling the surface of the stone. Do not leave the stone in the water for a long time - this can lead to its destruction.
The magnesian ligament refers to relatively soft types of ligaments. Therefore, in the process of sharpening, the renewal of the working layer of grain occurs in almost every pass. This causes a high aggressiveness of the abrasive cut in these stones and a low degree of saltiness (i.e. clogging of the inter-abrasive space with metal chips). Based on the fact that hard steels are sharpened on stones with soft bonds, soft - with hard ones, this set can be recommended for sharpening blades mainly from hard steels. Although with mild steels and steels with a high chromium content, these stones do very well.
During operation, the geometry of the bars may be distorted, which leads to the impossibility of obtaining a cutting edge with the specified parameters. To restore the flatness of the working surface of the bars, they are leveled on glass (at least 6 mm thick) using water or a soapy solution and silicon carbide powder of the appropriate fraction (to increase the intensity of the process). Additional characteristics: Size: 200x40x20 mm;
Material Silicon carbide;
Grit of stones in the set: 220, 400, 1200 grit
Bundle - magnesian
Production - Ukraine.

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