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The stones have overall dimensions of 150x25x10 mm and are ideal for use in Hapstone sharpeners. The abrasive material - silicon carbide, works better on hard steels than aluminum oxide and does a good job of sharpening most household and specialized tools. Before use, the stones must be soaked for 15-20 minutes in water. In the process of work, you can moisten the stone with soapy water. After use, it is necessary to remove metal chips from the abrasive with a brush with plastic bristles.
The abrasive stones are 220 grit (63 to 80 µm), 400 grit (28 to 40 µm), and 1200 grit (10 to 14 µm) grit according to JIS, respectively.
After repeated use, it is necessary to level the bars on a horizontal surface (for example, on thick glass) using silicon carbide powder of the appropriate grit. Before carrying out the procedure for leveling the surface of the stone, it is also necessary to soak it in water for 15-20 minutes.
You can extend the life of the abrasive stone by sticking it on an aluminum blank.
By purchasing abrasive stones in a set, you get a unique integrated solution for sharpening your cutting tools. This will save you from the painful solution of the problem with many unknowns in the selection of material and grain size of stones. Trust the experience of professionals.


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