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Hapstone whetstones have a standard size for machine sharpening 152x25x6mm and are designed to work with Hapstone, Edge Pro Apex, Profile and similar sharpeners. The bars are made of ceramic-bonded silicon carbide abrasive grain, so they can work with both water and oil. However, the general recommendation from the manufacturer is to use water-soluble coolants. Due to the peculiarities of the abrasive and bond used, the stones are universal in terms of processing various materials, i.e. excellent for all steels.

Hapstone bars show the best results when working with hard steels above 60 HRC, especially high-alloyed (quick cut, vanadium alloyed) and powder steels.

The set includes 5 stones F120 and F220 for peeling operations, F400 and F600 for sharpening and F1000 for finishing. The grit size of the stones is specified according to the FEPA standard.

Peeling stones have a harder bond than sharpening and finishing stones, stones with a grain size of F400, F600 and F1000 actively release suspension during operation. Hapstone bars hold their shape well, keep coolant well (does not need to add water too often). In the process of work, it is not heavily salted, salting is easily removed by hand under running water. The speed of the bars is quite high.

A set of Hapstone stones is a self-sufficient tool for sharpening, using it you can carry out all the basic operations - peeling (forming supplies from scratch, changing the sharpening angle, repairing the RC), sharpening and finishing.

The maintenance and storage regulations for Hapstone stones are the same as those applied to other ceramic bond sharpening stones. Alignment of Hapstone stones is made on glass on silicon carbide powder, it is better to store bars in wooden boxes.

 Name SET of stones Hapstone

Grit F120, F220, F400, F600, F1000

Type without blank, whetstone

Working surface size 152x25mm

Thickness 6mm

Abrasive material silicon carbide

Ceramic bond

Recommended coolants oil, water

Set weight 300 gr.


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