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Waterproof sandpaper 150x25mm, on a SELF-ADHESIVE backing for gluing on a blank.
Sharpening with sandpaper is preferred by very few people involved in this exciting business. But, nevertheless, the use of such abrasives, pasted on various forms with double-sided adhesive tape, not only has a number of undeniable advantages, but also allows you to get completely new sensations and look at the sharpening process in a new way.
K The main advantages of sandpaper include: cheapness, availability and no need to align the abrasive planes as they are abraded.
Everyone who has ever sharpened with sandpaper on forms notes the unusual efficiency of the abrasive, . metal is "eaten" quickly and aggressively. The same unexpected result, oddly enough, is a fairly high wear resistance. At the same time, despite the fact that the main load, as with any sharpening, falls on the roughest abrasives, as abrasion occurs, large grains of the abrasive crumble, creating the effect of a gradual increase in grit. This gives the impression of a smoother transition from one abrasive to another and a softer edge formation.
Sandpaper comes in packs of 10 sheets of the same grit each.
- Sheet size 150x25mm is adapted to a standard blank, which is often used in the most popular models of grinders - Hapstone, Apex, Ganzo, etc.
- Double-sided tape is glued to the inside of the sandpaper for ease and speed of mounting on the blank. Before gluing on the form, it is recommended to apply masking tape to the surface of the metal (glass) for the convenience of removing the self-adhesive sandpaper.
Additional characteristics
Country of origin Ukraine
Type Abrasive paper
Destination grinding
Material Silicon carbide
Type of coating closed
Binder synthetic resin
Moisture resistant - Yes, WATERPROOF
Length 155 mm
Width 25 mm
Unit pcs
Quantity per pack 10 pieces.


Country of origin
Dimensions (edit)
Base material
Water-oil resistance
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